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Adding a new policy

New policies can be added from the Policies List. The policy list can be found under the policy menu on the right.

Once on the Policies List page, use the blue “+” icon on the top of the policy list table to add a new policy.

You are ready to add a new policy through a pop-up that shows up. To add a policy you will need to provide:

  1. Policy Name: set the name of the policy.
  2. Objective: outline the purpose, scope and objective of the policy, i.e. what is this policy designed to achieve.
  3. Outcome: capture what you expect to see if the policy is being followed by the business. For example, no material disruption to business SLAs following the failure of an external supplier would be an outcome of the outsourcing policy. Outcomes present a great opportunity to link your Board’s Risk Appetites to your policies.
  4. Governance datapoints: use these to set the owner, reviewer and manager for the policy.
  5. Review Frequency: set the frequency with which this policy needs to be reviewed, usually annually.
  6. Structural datapoints: use these to set the team, entity and business unit to which this policy belongs to. These are optional and help refine searches and support advanced analytics.
  7. Upload policy: your existing policy can be attached so it’s easily available in Policy 2.0. Note: Only one pdf document can be attached, when you update your “offline” policy, simply replace the file attached.
The pop-up to add a new policy. Make sure to scroll down using the scroll bar on the right.

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