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Adding & editing Policy Principles

Here we will cover how to add, edit and manage policy pricinples.

Adding Policy Principles

In the Policy View page, click on the “+” icon to add a new policy principle for the selected policy.

Once clicked, a pop-up appears asking for:

  1. Principle Title: provide a snappy title for the principle you want to business to follow.
  2. Principle Success: Set out what good looks like if the principle is followed. This is a great way to let your teams know what you are trying to achieve.
  3. Principle Owner: set ownership for delivering this principle in the business. This is our way of apportioning the responsibility of delivering policy principles by teams that may or may not be owners of a particular policy.

Modifying Policy Principles

The options to modify a policy principle appear to the right of each principle. There are four main operations that can be performed:

  1. Edit Basic: edit the basic information about the principle (title, success & ownership).
  2. Edit relational information: map CORE Elements (risks, controls etc.) to the principle.
  3. Delete a principle: remove a principle that’s no longer required.
  4. Show CORE Elements: reveal the CORE Elements mapped to this specific element on the right (See screenshot below)

Mapping CORE Elements to Principles

As mentioned above, clicking on the orange relational information button (#2 above) shows a selection box that allows users to map Risks, Controls, Indicators and Actions to a policy principle.

  1. Registers: use the tabs at the top to switch between different registers.
  2. Filters: got too many controls, consider using the filter area to start typing what you are looking for.
  3. Assign Elements: move the items you want to assign to the policy principle by moving it from the box on the left to the assigned box on the right.
  4. Save: don’t for get to save your mapping before closing out of the relational information box.

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