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Cards Page Overview

Cards page provides users with the granular information about a CORE Element Item (e.g. a Risk), including audit trails and relational items (e.g. Controls, Indicators and Actions for a Risk).

A few things to note for the Cards page:

Load Items: Use the top right panel to load any Item in the Register without leaving the Cards page.

Edit information in the various panels using the icons on the bottom right of each panel, where each icon represents the type of information being edited – E.g, Pencil: Basic info and Plus: New Assessment – See Common Icons used for details.

For related Elements (e.g. Controls, Indicators and Actions in this example), hover over the Control to revel additional information about the control (STEP 1). To make the pop-out information stay, single click on the control badge (STEP 2). This would allow the users to then click on the Green Arrow (STEP 3) to go to the relevant Card’s Page.

See the relevant CORE Elements section of the knowledge for more details on the Cards page.

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