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Overview of Policy View

Policy View page is where you can manage the policy details, including Policy principles and linked CORE Elements.

Where is Policy View

Policy view can be found in the menu on the right under Policies menu or by clicking on the “green” arrow in the Policies list for a policy.

Overview of “Policy View”

  1. Basic Information: here you will find the basic information for the policy that was completed when you added a new policy (see Adding new policy).
  2. Updating policies: The options to update policies, policy principles and exporting the policy can be found on the top right. See Updating policy basic information, Adding & editing Policy Principles and Exporting Policies.
  3. Load policy: switch between policies using the “Load Policy” drop-down, just don’t forget to hit the “Load Policy” button for the new policy to load.
  4. Relational Information: the panels on the right show the related CORE Elements along with their RAG status. Hover over the labels to learn more about the related CORE Elements.
  5. Policy Principles: Policy principles appear below the basic information. See Adding & editing Policy Principles.

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