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Resetting User Password

Restricted Access

This option is only accessible for users with ADMIN rights.

Users have the option to use “Forgot password?” to recover their password. However, Admins have the ability to manually reset a user password through the User Management settings section.

In order to reset a user’s password, first go to the User Management settings page and select the user you would like to reset the password for:

  1. User management settings: the settings for user management can be accessed using the cogs on top-right of the screen (1a). Note: this option is only available for users with Admin Access (see Access Control List (ACL) for details of access rights).
  2. Modifying a user: Select the blue pencil icon for the user for which a password reset is required.

After clicking on the blue pencil icon, a screen shows up that looks similar to the screen that was used when setting up a new user (see Adding New Users). This screen can be used to reset a user’s password.

  1. Resetting password: to reset the password, simply assign a new password and a notification email is sent to the user. NOTE: for security reasons, the user will be asked to change their password on log-in after their password has been reset.

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